World’s Most Awesome And Pregnant Grandma Wins Everest Marathon

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Mount EverestWhen I was pregnant with my first child, I had a ton of energy. I walked everywhere and overall I felt pretty great. But by my third and final child I was done with that shiz. I still walked everywhere (because as a New Yorker, that’s what you do) but it sucked. So I am amazed by the tenacity of Ang Dami Sherpa, the 44-year-old pregnant mother of three (and grandmother of one), who recently ran the Everest Marathon.

Not only did Sherpa run the marathon at three months pregnant, but she won. Finishing the 42-Kilometer race in just over six hours, this is her second win. Sherpa also won the race in 2006 (when she wasn’t pregnant).

When asked by the Republica Daily if her family supported her run she said;

“My husband and son asked me not to run. But I consulted a doctor and he suggested I could run if it did not make me feel bad”.

According to Sherpa, caring for her three children and helping with her grandchild doesn’t leave a lot of time for training, which makes it all the more amazing that she won. The Everest Marathon is brutal. It begins at base camp, which has an altitude of over 5000 m and finishes at Namche Bazaar with an altitude of almost 3500 m.

As someone who loves climbing, I can tell you that those altitudes are no joke. The highest peak I’ve visited is Clingman’s Dome, which is only 2000 m, but I can’t imagine running for 20 minutes there, let alone six hours. For me, this would be a lifetime achievement but for Sherpa it’s just the beginning:

“I feel pleased to have won the title at this age and will run in the coming editions as well.” Sherpa also has her sights on climbing Everest. “Everyone should try to achieve his/her dreams and my dream is to climb the Everest”.

I used to dream of climbing Everest too, and then I got older and kind of gave it up. Stories like Sherpa give me inspiration. I wish her all the luck in the world.

(Photo: Arsgera / Shutterstock)