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18 Baby Names Trending Around The World, But Not The US

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Image: iStock / Yuricazac

Oliver. Sophia. Mason. Ava. It would seem that the world has truly entered an era of globalism, at least when it comes to baby names. Certain names are seen again and again all over the place. America shares top contenders with Canada, England, Australia, Scotland, and even countries in South America and Asia. Everywhere you go, you are bound to meet Olivias and Jacks.

But traditional names have not seen their final days, and some cultures find themselves clinging to long-standing favorites. Some countries have avoided the popular name game altogether, although even in South Africa and Russia you’ll find some of the same names as we see frequently in America. But if you’re looking for some ideas for baby names that are off the beaten path, look no further. Below, we compile some unusual foreign favorites that might get you thinking about your own next baby!

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