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Hobby Lobby’s Employees Will Have To Fashion Their Birth Control Out Of Modge Podge And Doilies

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1013409_10151723154091425_910767554_nHobby Lobby – famous purveyor of worthless crap – doesn’t want to pay for its employees birth control. They are a religious company and they are very offended by emergency contraceptives and also IUD’s. My eyes are rolling so far back in my head right now it’s going to be hard to finish this article.

Their case has actually gone to the U.S. Supreme Court where it is under review today. Hobby Lobby said that it would have to pay more than $1 million a day in fines if it violates the Affordable Care Act as written. Well I have an idea! Don’t violate it.

The Affordable Care Act states that companies need to provide health care that covers all forms of contraception at no cost. But the owners of Hobby Lobby filed a lawsuit and said that this conflicts with their religious beliefs. When did it start being okay for companies to have “religious beliefs?” Companies are not people. Does Hobby-Lobby also have a personality and interests? Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is?

From CBS:

“It’s our rights that are being infringed upon, to require us to do something that’s against our conscience,” stated Hobby Lobby co-owner David Green.

“It’s not about whether women can take it or not. We’re not trying to control that,” explained Hobby Lobby co-owner Barbara Green. “We’re just trying to control our participation in it.”

Shut up. These are independent adults trying to access services that our country has legislated you are required to provide. These aren’t your children. You aren’t “participating” in their sex life here, any more than you are “participating” if a satanic cult uses your exquisite velvet ribbon to sew pentagrams on their cloaks. Nobody cares how you feel about it – it doesn’t matter.

If companies are allowed to discriminate against things like the type of birth control their employees are allowed to have covered – what else will they be able to weigh in on in the future? This trajectory needs to be stopped in its tracks. They are only opposed to certain drugs and devices. They don’t want to cover emergency contraception or IUD’s. What? That doesn’t even make sense. Why no IUD’s? What’s next, they’ll cover Trojans but not the kinds that give women “extra pleasure?” They’ll cover dental dams, but not the bubble gum flavored ones? Why would it possibly matter what type of birth control the Hobby Lobby is okay with?

I’m just going to pretend like this isn’t happening until the Supreme Court rules that this case is a bunch of crap.

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