Breaking: Hobby Lobby Wins, Supreme Court Doesn’t Give A Sh*t About American Women

The Supreme Court ruled today in a narrow 5-4 decision that companies don’t have to pay for contraceptives for female employees if they have religious objections. If there was any doubt in your mind that there’s a war on women in this country – here is some proof that there definitely is. Religious ideologies now trump women’s health.

The Oklahoma-based company Hobby Lobby is owned by evangelicals. The Affordable Care Act states that companies need to provide health care that covers all forms of contraception at no cost, but the company said in it’s case the requirement violated their religious freedom. Today – the Supreme Court agreed.

Not surprisingly, Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the main dissent. From ABC News:

The court holds: ”As applied to closely held corporations the HHS regulations imposing the contraceptive mandate violate RFRA”

Alito wrote that ”RFRA applies to regulations that govern the activities of closely held for profit corporations like Conestoga and Hobby Lobby” and the ”The HHS contraceptive mandate substantially burdens the exercise of religion.”

”The Government has failed to show that the contraceptive mandate is the least restrict means of furthering that interest,” according to the majority opinion.

“Substantially burdens the exercise of religion.” Wow. What about substantially financially burdening women who would like to remain healthy and/or child-free? The right to control our reproductive futures is one this government is increasingly showing they care nothing about. Not only are we tightening up laws dealing with choice and access to safe and legal abortion in many states, now we are also allowing the religious beliefs of our employers dictate how our healthcare responds to our needs as women.

Women are angry – as they should be.


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Get angry. Be vocal. Even on days like today we have to remember that we do have power. We have every right for our basic health needs to be met. This ruling is a slap in the face to every woman in this country. And it’s bullshit.

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