10 Signs Your Child Is On A Sugar High, In GIFs

So yesterday was Easter, in case any of you didn’t realize because you don’t have kids or celebrate the resurrection. The Easter Bunny (me) didn’t put any toys in my kid’s basket, because I’m a novice at this type of stuff. It was the first year he got a basket, so we’ll call it a “rough draft.” Since I couldn’t very well snatch the basket right out of his little hands when I realized he would be eating M&M’s for breakfast – he did just that and proceeded to have the most epic sugar-saturated-toddler-jerk-day, ever. Thank you Easter Bunny!

In case you miss this kind of thing, here are some signs that you’ve overdone it and your kid is on an epic sugar high.

1. He responds to “Happy Easter!” with “Happy Shut Up!”

2. He starts burning off energy in interesting ways.

3. He develops a creepy staring problem.

4. He starts shuffling through the cupboards, desperately trying to maintain his high.

5. Nothing brings him joy but more candy.

6. He starts to doze off while eating.

7. He becomes an even bigger jerk than usual.

8. He responds to every question with “candy.”

9. He gives the side-eye to anyone else who dares to eat a piece of candy. 

10. He stops making eye contact.

(photo: pzAxe/ shutterstock)

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