Top Notch Brooklyn Daycare Loses Child, But Don’t Worry A ‘Random Person’ Found Him

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I would hate to be an employee at the Williamsburg Northside infant and toddler center right now. The “top quality” and bet your Bugaboo expensive waterfront daycare center reportedly lost a child in the park recently. And heads are rightfully rolling so hard.

The school, which reportedly just moved into a sparkly new location, reportedly left one of the kids behind on an outing to the East River State Park:

Teachers watching a group in the park failed to correctly count the children before they returned to the school, a local parent said, and when the group returned to the center the child’s mother was waiting to pick up her son but he was nowhere to be found. A “random person” then found the child and brought him back to the school, the parent Kseniya Schneider said.

“This is the most expensive daycare center around…and it’s supposed to be a good school,” said Schneider, whose friend send her kids to Northside and who was seriously thinking of sending her son to the center before the incident. “To me this [incident] means the people who are supposed to care for [the kids] aren’t emotionally attached to the babies.”

The school “immediately” fired both teachers accountable for the kids and then they contacted the Department of Health. It was said department that pulled the school’s license for the next two weeks while teachers are retrained. The school is also working damage control, as evidenced in the following statement:

“Our number one priority is the safety of our children.  We have very clear procedures to prevent this kind of situation and have never had an incident like this in over 13 years of operation,” the spokesman said. “We have apologized deeply to the parents. We have also temporarily closed the Infant and Toddler Center to review policies, procedures and teacher training.”

A huge collective sigh of relief that this “random person” wasn’t a serial killer.

(photo: Shyne School)