Blake Lively Says She Wants to Raise a ‘Chef Baby’

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Blake Lively used to joke that she would rub truffle oil on her nipples to expand her newborn’s palate, and it sounds like so far she has succeeded in raising a “little foodie.”

According to The Daily Meal, Lively says her second daughter is a much easier baby to raise than her first. Baby Ines slept through the night right away, and is a “little foodie” who eats everything put in front of her.

“What’s crazy is my 2½-year-old, she wakes up at night — she’s the baby, basically,” she said on Live with Kelly and Ryan last week. “My little one, she’s just so divine. She came out of the womb a little foodie.”

Lively is interested in food and cooking, and she says she and Ryan Reynolds are both pretty excited about their one-year-old daughter Ines’ relatively adventurous taste in food.

Blake Lively calls her baby a “little foodie.”

“I made a Cookie Monster cake … and she just looked at it and reached for a steak,” she said of her daughter’s first birthday in September.

She said she’s been encouraging Ines’ eating habits, and joked that she’s training the little girl to be a “chef baby.”

“I’m like a parent of an Olympian, except I want a chef baby,” she said. “I’m like Ratatouille with the baby all the time.”

An adventurous one-year-old can always turn into a three-year-old who only eats toast.

Lively is not a first-time parent, though, and she and Kelly Ripa both observed that it’s not uncommon for a one-year-old like Ines to have great eating habits. It’s also not uncommon for that adventurous palate to disappear immediately upon a child’s third birthday. That’s when a lot of kids suddenly refuse to eat anything but what Lively called “beige foods,” like chicken fingers and French fries.

She’s not kidding about that. At Ines’ age, my kid’s favorite foods were paella, salmon roe, spinach, and stinky cheese. Now she’s three, and just last week she declared she would not eat her steak because she would not eat “brown foods,” and she would only eat “white foods.” I wasn’t sure whether or not to point out that her Halloween candy is mostly brown.

If Lively gets lucky, Ines will never go through a picky phase. But it’s pretty hard to predict.

Have you ever seen a good eater turn picky overnight? Let us know in the comments.

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