This Brilliant Hair Tie Bracelet Is the Ultimate Mom Jewelry

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Let’s see a show of hands, who is currently wearing a hair tie around their wrist? If you have long hair and you’re not doing that right now, chances are good that you’ve done it at some point in the past. For long-haired people, life is often lived in two states: 1. With a ponytail holder in one’s hair, or 2. With a ponytail holder around one’s wrist, just in case. Wearing a hair tie as a bracelet is useful and convenient, but what if it were also pretty? It looks like someone has actually made that happen. Now the world has a pretty bracelet that is also a spare ponytail holder, and it might be the world’s ultimate mom jewelry.

Vogue found this extra hair tie bracelet by Maria Shireen, and the design is complete genius. The stainless steel bracelet comes in silver, gold, or rose gold, and it’s designed to hold an extra hair tie, just in case.

If we’re going to be wearing hair ties around our wrists anyway, they might as well be pretty, and these are really pretty.

spare hair tie bracelets

As an extra bonus, the hair tie bracelet format means that the hair tie doesn’t leave an awkward little indent around your wrist once you inevitably move it up to your head.

It’s chic enough that Vogue says all its beauty editors are wearing it with their Cartier and Balenciaga, but I just think it looks wildly useful. I don’t think I’ve worn my hair down more than twice since I had a baby. Long hair gets in the way, and it is just so attractive to grabby little baby hands. Even before I had a baby, I almost always had a hair tie around my wrist, just in case. But now I basically live in ponytails and messy buns, and if I ever go out without a hair tie, chances are good I will regret that in just a few hours. This bracelet is cute, and it seems like a much better alternative than digging in the horrible depths of my bag to see if I happened to drop a hair tie in there.

It looks fancy. It’s useful. And it was just featured on Vogue, so one would probably assume it costs eleventy billion dollars. But it’s actually only $22 right now, on sale from $28 from Shop Machete. (And it comes with a hair tie!) Or get three for $50.