Richard Dawkins Says He Would Abort A Down Syndrome Fetus, Twitter Goes Bananas

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pregnant woman blood testOh, Richard Dawkins. For such a smart man, how do you still not completely understand what Twitter is and isn’t used for? Last month you were quipping adorably about “mild” pedophilia and the much worse “violent pedophilia”, and now you’re working hard to ensure that everyone hates you by waxing philosophic about Down Syndrome fetuses and whether or not they should be aborted.

Yesterday Dawkins started poking the hornet’s nest again after one of his Twitter followers posed a hypothetical question:

twitter_dawkinsAnd so it began. You can probably predict what happened next. People got angry. People got very angry. There were a lot of people on Twitter who stopped by just to remind Dawkins that plenty of individuals with Down Syndrome were healthy adults who contribute to society, and to accuse Dawkins’ of advocating for eugenics.


Dawkins of course went on to defend his position, and let me tell you that that little milkshake brought all kinds of angry people to the yard, so of course he just kept on going and going:

Then he went on to clarify some of his points:

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