Video: Not Supporting Transgender Children Causes Them To ‘Disappear’

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Seeing all these supportive parents of transgender children in the news lately is nothing short of awesome. While transgender children may have to endure relentless taunting and bullying in their school environment, having parents who acknowledge their gender can make all the difference in said child’s life according to a recent CNN segment.

A couple of parents were recently interviewed about their experiences parenting their transgender kiddies, citing both antagonism from extended family members and recognizing their child’s temperament early on. Dr. Jennifer Hastings, a family physician, pointed out in the segment that no child is too young to identify their gender. She said:

“There’s no age at which you’re too young to understand your gender because gender comes from within…If the parents weren’t able to support their child in that gender, the common scenario is that that child disappears.”

The two children featured, Mario and Tammy, have parents that not only support them but who are also committed to seeing them through whatever gender they choose to grow into as adults. No “disappearing” kids here.
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