Parents At Blue Ivy’s School Upset By Her Security Detail Seem To Have Forgotten She’s Royalty

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming ShowYoung Blue Ivy Carter is not like you and me. She is the daughter of American royal couple, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z Carter. She is not normal. So why would anyone expect anything she does for the rest of her life to be normal? That is the question I would like to ask the parents at the pre-school Blue is currently attending. They are upset at the level of security detail she arrives with and although I understand it’s irritating, they need to realize the reasons behind it.

From InTouch Weekly, we have a source saying that Blue Ivy’s security team is causing issues in the car line:

”A security motorcade drops her off and picks her up from school,” an insider at Blue’s West Hollywood preschool tells ”˜In Touch.’ ”There are two cars and three bodyguards!”

They are whining about an extra car and a couple of beefy dudes to take care of her? Honestly, are they surprised? Beyonce is one of the most photographed celebrities in the world. Do they realize what a dust-up they would have every day if it were her doing the drop-offs? The paparazzi would be camped outside the school and that would be a lot more disruptive than an extra car and a couple of bodyguards. They do know who she is, right? The source tries to argue that Blue is not the only child of celebrity parents and that others don’t have quite the big arrival that she does:

And Blue’s entourage is causing traffic jams every morning and afternoon. ”Beyonce and Jay Z have made things a huge hassle,” says the insider, adding, ”Other celebrity kids get dropped off by one driver, not an entire staff.”

Additionally, Madame Noir has a source claiming that Will Ferrell’s son attends this pre-school but that he does drop-off and pick-up himself. Ok, sorry, but from a paparazzi stand-point, Will is practically A Normal. There will be no crazy throng of photographers outside waiting for Elf to emerge but if Beyonce were to swing by? Mass chaos.

At the end of the day, Blue Ivy has the right to a regular pre-school experience just like any other child. She deserves to be able to socialize with other kids her age and learn in a classroom environment, the same as other little ones. This is a school that many celebs use so I don’t see why Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kid coming with an extra car and a couple of bodyguards is all that big of a shock and I think these parents really need to get over themselves. Beyond all the hoopla and showiness, there is a little girl who never asked to be born to two of the most famous people in the world and she should have a somewhat normal life. If that means an extra few minutes in the car line, fine. And if these parents get to peep at this adorable little tyke every day, I for one, am jealous.

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