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Awesome 80s Toys Your Kids Will Never Play With

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Kids these days love to play with Lego kits and Bratz dolls, and their video games have technology that blow our classic Nintendo games out of the water. But as cool as the Rainbow Loom is, toys from the 90s will always be the best. Your kids will never understand just how awesome these toys from your childhood were.

1. Color Forms



No characters, no sounds or lights, no instructions. Just reusable pieces of vinyl that never got boring. I know what I’m asking for for Christmas.

2. Shrinky Dinks

shrinky dinks


I spent entire afternoons coloring, cutting and baking, and then just sitting in front of the oven peering in to see these pieces of paper get smaller. I have no recollection what you were supposed to do with them once they were done baking, and I’m sure heating up markers like that created all sorts of chemicals in the air that we shouldn’t have been breathing, but they were still really cool. They still make versions of shrinky dinks, but they work more like craft kits.

 3. Hit Stix 2

hit stix


A box clipped to your belt that made thudding noises when you tapped two sticks together was all the technology we needed.

4. Skip it

skip it


You could always tell who the cool girls in class where by looking for the telltale SkipIt bruises on their ankle bones. Most kids worked to get that counter up to the magical 999, but I used to pride myself on being able to sing the entire jingle before inevitably whacking myself in the foot.

5. Flipsiders

flipsiders 2


 Our children will never know what it’s like to try and keep busy during take a long car trip without screening a movie. Nor will they know what a cassette tape is.

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