Hit And Run Driver Won’t Stop To Help Teen Because Passenger Mom Doesn’t Want To ‘Upset’ Her Kids

522978127A teenager in the UK who was hit by a car during rush hour traffic was told by one of the passengers that they couldn’t stop to help him because she didn’t want to upset her kids.

17-year-old Taron Stead was riding his new mountain bike when he was hit during morning rush hour traffic. Stead’s mother Naomi Pickard told The Star the male driver stopped and a woman got out of the passenger seat. She told the teen, who was covered in blood, that her kids were upset and they were late for school. She then got back in the car and they drove off without giving the teen any info or helping him. The Star has photos; they’re terrible. The teen’s face is swollen and bloody.

It’s unbelievable that a mother would leave another child bleeding in the street because she didn’t want to ‘upset’ her own. If they are old enough to absorb what was going on enough to be upset by it, they are also old enough to realize that they were in car who hit someone, and their mother opted to leave that person bleeding in the street. That’s infinitely more disturbing to process than seeing a little blood.

The teen was found by staff of a nearby university and paramedics were called. He suffered facial lacerations and bruising. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet . Police are appealing for information from anyone who may have seen the crash.

(photo: Getty Images)

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