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Beyonce And Jay-Z Parenting Is The Hot New Parenting Style You Have To Try

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Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards demonstrated what we all already knew- Beyonce is a total boss and so is her husband, Mr. Beyonce Jay-Z. They rule the world and we all just live in it. Two years ago, they continued on their path of total domination by becoming one of the world’s most watched sets of parents.

I truly admire the way they have mostly kept Blue Ivy out of the spotlight and from the snippets we plebes are allowed to see, it is pretty clear that these two are committed parents who have a wonderful bond with their little one. The footage from the VMA’s of Blue adorably bopping along to her mom’s performance made all of our ovaries burst into flame and for me, it made my brain gears start grinding. We have taken a look at so many parenting styles here at Mommyish but why not examine closely the style of a goddess who does everything perfectly? Who better to emulate than the Queen Bey herself?  Gather round so we can all learn a thing or two about Beyonce and Jay-Z parenting.

1. Make Your Pregnancy Announcement Epic

None of those lame Facebook announcements allowed. Only a huge concert audience, several video cameras and a discreet and classy belly rub while you beam knowingly will do.

2. Buy Your Child A Crib That Costs More Than Your First Car

Why let the pampering stop at bedtime? Your baby should wake up knowing she is number one and what better way to say it than a crib studded with conflict-free diamonds and bedding made of a baby lamb’s freshly shorn coat?

3. Teach Your Baby To Dance As Soon As They Can Walk

You cannot neglect this tenet of Beyonce and Jay-Z Parenting if you expect your child to fully realize their potential. Having fierce dance moves is crucial. Bonus points if you write and record your own hits for your child, including “All The Single Babies”.

4. You Need A Choreographed Routine To Enter The Playground

Fog machines, a doting entourage, back-up dancers and an envy-inducing stroller are the bare minimum requirements here. You should also strive to look fierce and amazing and for your baby to also look fierce and amazing. Have your minions tote an extra baby wardrobe in the car in case of spit-up incidents.

5. Have Complete Confidence, Even If Your Life Is Totally Fucked Up

Never let them see you sweat. Even when the rumors of your imminent divorce and scandalous hidden surrogacy are rampant, you still need to be in total command of your adoring followers. Setting this example for your child is very important.

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