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Mom Tip: Always Have Birthday Cards On Hand (& This One’s On Sale)

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We’re sure many of us have been in a similar situation: We look at the calendar and realize we’ve missed someone’s birthday. Whether it’s someone in our external family like an aunt or grandma or one of our kids reminds us that kid in their class has their birthday party tomorrow. The panic sets in as we scramble to put something together, but all is not lost. There’s one mom tip that will prevent this hair frazzling situation from happening, and it doesn’t require a lot of work on your part.

Birthday cards on hand will save you, mom.

One of the tried and true mom tips from us to you is to make sure you’ve stocked up on some generic, but elegant birthday cards. This way, there will be no scrambling to put something together and having ones on hand that can work for any age is the key. This way, you can pop in a gift card, a handmade picture or photo, or some good tried-and-true cash and the problem is solved.

Thankfully, Amazon has some great options for birthday cards to keep on hand at home and one of our favorites just happens to be on sale right now. It comes in a pack of 50 cards so you only have to stock up once and you’re set for a little bit.

Spark Ink Birthday Cards

Credit: Amazon / Spark Ink

“We know you want to make everyone feel special on their birthday by sending a unique greeting card to your loved ones, that is why we created 50 uniquely crafted cards with beautiful designs & space to leave your personal greeting,” the listing says and we definitely agree.

The cards are eco-friendly, manufactured in the US using a wind-powered facility and is 100% recyclable. The cards are perfect for any age group or gender–oh, and the designs are stunning, “These watercolor type designs that our customers have called professional with a vintage feel. They feature bright, vibrant, colors, that will appeal to all ages and genders.”

This pack of 50 birthday cards is on sale right now for $8.95 plus free shipping and you’ll never find yourself in that bind again!

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