‘Six-Pack Mom’ Sarah Stage Shares Scary Story About Son Being Attacked by a Dog

Ugh, so scary! Six-pack mom Sarah Stage shared a frightening ordeal on Instagram. Her 2-year-old son James was attacked by a dog and bitten in the face. Luckily, it sounds like the little guy is going to be just fine. But that’s certainly something no mom wants to see happen to their child!

Six-pack mom Sarah Stage took to Instagram to share the story, along with one of her signature selfies.


“Gosh this might be the hardest week I’ve had as a mom so far! Poor Jamesy got attacked in the face by a dog (the dog was triggered by James eating a snack and started to aggressively bite his face. Luckily i was able to pry the dog off of James before the dog got to James eye ??) and now Jamesy has the flu ?and little Logan has a cold.”

“However, despite the challenges us moms face, I’m convinced that we are superhuman and can overcome anything… and besides things can always be much worse. When the dr told me how lucky we were that James didn’t lose his vision in his eye it put so much into perspective. We all have bad days and it’s how we overcome them that help us grow strength for ourselves and for our family.”

That does sound like a rough week! We’re glad to hear little James’ vision is going to be just fine.

Sarah Stage gained notoriety when she posted a picture during her pregnancy with son Logan. In the picture, Sarah is 8-months pregnant, but her extreme fitness routine makes it look like she ate a slightly large meal.


Even the day before she gave birth, you could hardly tell she was pregnant!


Those kinds of results take some major hard work and dedication! We’re glad to hear James and Logan are on the mend, Sarah!

(Image: Instagram/@sarahstage)

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