These Photos and the Amazing Birth Story Behind Them Prove Babies Don’t Wait For Anything

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Jes called labor and delivery on the way and gave them the lowdown: they were on their way, her water had broken, it was her 6th baby, and she wasn’t sure they were going to make it in time.

Once they arrived at the hospital, things went from whoa to WHOA. Travis headed inside, to get some help and let the staff know what was going on. Tammy arrived just in time, and she and Travis helped Jes through the first set of doors. Tammy yelled to the receptionist that Jes was having this baby NOW, and sure enough, just as Jes made it past the second set of doors, little Max began his exit.

Jes started to take her pants off, because she could feel Max’s head crowning. She yelled to her husband, “Travis! Catch him!” And Travis positioned himself to cup Max’s head as he made his entrance into the world.

Image: used with permission from Little Leapling Photography

By this time, luckily, an ER nurse had arrived, and together with Travis, they lowered Jes to the hospital floor. Max’s head was completely out by this point, and as the nurse unwrapped the cord from his neck, she told Jes to push. Jes gave one more push, the only intentional push she says she did throughout the entire delivery, and suddenly, her baby boy was here. Max was really bruised from the incredibly fast delivery, but mama and baby boy were both perfectly fine after their exciting and unpredictable ordeal.

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