For $15, You Can Spend Valentine’s Day With Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar

Honestly, I can think of approximately 2836452 things I’d rather do this Valentine’s Day. But hey, this might be someone’s cup of tea! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the heads of the problematic Duggar family and dispensers of some of the weirdest relationship advice I’ve ever heard, invite you to listen to them speak about love and marriage. For the low price of $15, you can take part in the Duggar Valentine’s Day event! Someone please go and report back, the curiosity is killing me.

The Duggar Valentine’s Day even kicks off at 6 p.m. on Valentine’s Day. The event is being held at a church (duh) in Michigan. Date night!

$15 gets you in the door to hear Jim Bob and Michelle speak. You also get dinner, which is nice! And you can take part in a Q&A with Michelle at 2 p.m. But just heads up, that sit-down is for women only. Well, it says Mom’s Q&A, so maybe childless singles are shit out of luck.

Jim Bob and Michelle have been married for more than 30 years, and they have 20 kids. Interestingly enough, the beginnings of their relationship looked A LOT different from the behavior they demand of their own children.

The couple dated before they were married (real dating, none of this chaperoned courtship bullshit). They also used birth control early in their marriage, which is a big no-no now. And explains all the Duggar kids being born this year. Nowadays, Duggars meet, get engaged, get married, and have a baby in under a year.

I hope they talk a lot about how to avoid front-hugs and how to loop your parents in on a group chat with your significant other! But it sounds like they’ll discuss their own relationship, and some of the ways they keep the love alive. Michelle credits their success to Jim Bob’s spontaneity and plenty of date nights. And the bible and god, obviously.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get the lowdown on courtship and how to land a husband and have a baby in under a year, this might be the Valentine’s Day event for you!

(Image: Facebook/Duggar Family Official)

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