These Photos and the Amazing Birth Story Behind Them Prove Babies Don’t Wait For Anything

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Phew, just in the nick of time! We’ve all heard the stories of women giving birth in the car on the way to the hospital. Sometimes, babies just need to come out when they need to come out! But, by some miracle of timing and perseverance, this little guy waited until mama was inside the hospital doors and the birth photographer was ready to capture it all. Max’s amazing birth story will have you cheering mama Jes Hogan on, and wiping away tears over the beautiful and powerful images photographer Tammy Karin was able to capture. Hold onto your seats, folks, this one is crazy!

Max’s amazing birth story starts off a little bit differently than most. Mom Jes Hogan was in the hospital, ready to go, when her labor stalled. So she and husband Travis headed home to wait it out.

Image: used with permission from Little Leapling Photography

Jes spent four hours laboring in a tub at the hospital, but her contractions had started to space out. So, wanting to keep her labor and delivery intervention-free, they decided to let it progress at home. Says Jes, “We spent the following days gently encouraging the contractions, hoping to edge them on into labor. At home I was 5 cm dilated but would not move any further and contractions were uncomfortable, but never really gave me the feeling they would amount to anything more than a sleepless night.”

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