10 Big Kid TV Shows That Are Worse Than Caillou

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I suffered through crappy toddler and pre-school TV for years- Caillou, Thomas the Train, Dora – all of the usual suspects. I figured life would get a lot better entertainment-wise once my kids were older. Well, those days are here – my kids are seven and five – and I have come to discover that the big kid TV shows are also pretty shitty.

We watch mostly, Nickelodeon and a little Disney Channel with a splash of Cartoon Network. I have to admit- most of the worst shows are on Nickelodeon, which bums me out because they had GREAT shows when I was a kid. I have come to discover that there are just as many annoying shows for older kids and that at times, they are worse than Caillou and the other little kid shows I had grown to loathe. These shows try so hard to make kids laugh with the character’s outlandish behavior and it’s just so cringe-worthy plus, annoying. I know a lot of you dear readers have babies and small children so I am here to educate you on what to watch out for one day when you’re kids have outgrown horrors such as Max and Ruby so you know what to actively avoid from day one. You are welcome.

1. Jessie

jessie gif


So.much.sass. Jessie is the nanny for a bunch of rich kids. They are all mean to their butler and call him fat and Jessie gets them out of all kinds of trouble with her sass. This show makes my ears bleed from the theme song to the desperate over-acting from all involved parties. It is the absolute worst.

2. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky And Dawn

dicky dawn gif


The title alone makes me want to punch things but holy hell, these quadruplets are obnoxious. And the only thing MORE obnoxious? Their parents. Only three episodes have come out so far and much to my chagrin, my kids positively love this garbage.

3. The Thundermans

thundermans gi


I liked this show at first but God, these kids get away with a lot of bad behavior and crazy schemes because they are a family of SUPER HEROES! They use their powers to fix any manner of bad decisions. It grates on my nerves super hard. Oh, lots of over-acting in this one too- which is kind of a running theme in these elementary school-geared shows.

4. The Haunted Hathaways

hathaway gif2


This show is so irritating. Spunky single mom and her two daughters move into a “haunted” house with annoying ghosts. The younger Hathaway daughter is sneaky and kind of a jerk and gets away with everything. The older daughter is shallow and self-centered and the mom is portrayed as a clueless nitwit who never knows what’s up. Eff this show.

5. Breadwinners



This show is just pure ridiculousness. Cartoon ducks (who don’t even really look like ducks) that deliver bread. The songs are horrible, but get stuck in your head for days. Do not want.

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