If You’re Tired Of Depressing, Rage-Inducing News, Watch This (And Bring Tissues)

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I just posted a video of Kimberly Guilfoyle from Fox News bashing young women that gave me a case of the rages. And yet, there is something about getting sucked into stories like that that I find…addictive. MUST! FIND! MORE! THINGS! TO! BE! MAD! ABOUT! *HULKSMASH*

But sometimes it’s good to have an antidote to the madness swirling on the internet. Enter this lovely video starring Mo’Ne Davis, that kick-ass young woman who was the first girl ever to throw a shut out in the Little League World Series. (Ahem, Kimberly — are you paying attention?!) The video is sponsored by Chevrolet, but there’s nothing brand-y about it. Instead it’s a sweet look at the life of a woman who inspires by simply doing what she loves.

“I stand for girls who want to play sports with the boys and to be a role model for people young and old,” Mo’Ne says in the video.

Even better? She ends it with, “I throw 70 miles an hour. That’s throwing like a girl.”

Yes it is. This is a must watch, especially if you need a cry and a little joy today.