Beyonce Fans Question Everything They Thought They Knew After Seeing Her Latest Maternity Photos

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It’s hard not to totally love Beyonce. The Grammy award-winning singer is unbelievably talented, hard working, and gorgeous. She’s an outspoken feminist and social justice advocate. She’s also a loving mother who has spoken publicly about her own previous loss–something that not many in the spotlight are willing to do. And now, the Lemonade creator is also expecting, and using Instagram to really show it off.

This past weekend, the 35-year-old superstar posted a beautiful video to her Instagram page, along with some slideshows revealing her ever-growing belly, plus a few ultra-glam accessories that would many anyone jealous. The first post is a video featuring the song “Pop That Thang,” by the Isley Brothers, and it’s already got over 5 million views and 10k likes.


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“Respect for mom,” comments one user, while tons of others users heart emoticons and the words, “queen” and “slay” to indicate their utmost love for her video. The second post is really all just close-ups of some of her poshest accessories, including what appears to be a sapphire the size of a ping pong ball surrounded by diamonds. Can’t say we blame her for showing it off.

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“That bling though,” said one comment, and really, what more can any of us say about it? Of course, people started sharing their theories over what the images mean — is she telling us she’s not expecting boys and there are actually two girls in there? Is she subtly revealing her baby’s names?

The final slideshow consists of many of the images in the original video (maybe so you can take a closer look at some of the images?)

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Seriously, we can’t get enough. Keep on killin’ it, Bey.

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