35 Best Parenting Hacks You Will Find On Pinterest

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Grabbing Groceries

Parenting Hacks, Groceries

Image: Facebook / Shelby Ballard

There is nothing like a parent who has just gone grocery shopping and is dang determined to grab all of those groceries in one shot. With this super-smart hack, you actually can, without killing your arms and hands! Instead of looping all those bags through your wrists, keep an extra laundry basket in the back of your vehicle. Perhaps even keep two, depending on how much you usually purchase when grocery shopping. Place all of these groceries into the laundry baskets. This makes a really great solution to that age-old problem of grabbing all the groceries in one shot. Now you can! Just grab the basket and carry it into the house! Once everything is unloaded, don’t forget to put it back into the trunk of your car so it is there for the next time!

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