25 Things You Should Always Buy At Kohl’s, & 10 Things You Never Should

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If you’re anything like us, Kohl’s is a back to school landmark. The department store has so much more than underwear packs and jeans. In fact, the store has everything from air conditioners, small kitchen appliances, to dining tables and chairs. Just because a place offers something doesn’t mean you should buy it from there, though. Kohl’s has a ton of stuff, most of it good, and we’re here to tell you what to buy from the house-goods and clothing giant.

Despite closing some mall locations, it looks like Kohl’s will be there far into our futures. They reported positive first quarter earnings earlier this year and will probably see a bump with holiday shopping later in the year. Therefore, feel free to take advantage of Kohl’s shipping and return policies. The box store will be there to meet your consumer needs. We said we’d tell you what to buy from Kohl’s, which first broke into the department store race in the 1960’s, but we’ll tell you what to avoid spending your money on at the store, too. Read below to see our recommendations and rather-nots. Then, tell us in the comments what you swear by from the store and what you’d never pick up from there.

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