10 More Reasons Your Toddler Won’t Go To Sleep

While there are usually 10 essential reasons your toddler won’t go to sleep, there are, of course, the branch offs. A toddler who is evading exhaustion will find a world of excuses for why he or she can’t go to bed on their own. It’s amazing what will suddenly become a priority at 8:00 p.m. after teeth are brushed.

1. Because this pillow is a spaceship, mommy

toddler in bed 1

(photo: Lara Lootles)

2. Because all these blocks suddenly need to go in here

toddler blocks

(photo:  adamwolkenhaue)

3. Because I need to finish counting these cheerios

toddler cheerios

(photo:  adamwolkenhauer)

4. Because I want to sleep here tonight

toddler shelf

(photo:  tassinari)

5. Because I need to wash this. Right now.

toddler washing dish

(photo:  meyerweb)

6. Because this is what’s happening right now

toddlers plastic box

(photo:  Josh Hartman)

7. Because I stole your hair brush

baby hair brush

(photo:  VioletMuse)

8. Because I’m being Buzz Lightyear right now

buzz lightyear toddler

(photo: drjeeeol)

9. Because my “doggy” needs to be fed

toddler stuffed dog

(photo: Rob, Joyce, Alex & Nova)

10. Because it’s raining

toddler window

(photo:  Bergolli)

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