35 Best Parenting Hacks You Will Find On Pinterest

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The Practical Potty

Parenting Hacks, Potty Training

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Any parent will tell you that potty training can be one of the most harrowing things for your young child to learn. While there are plenty of different methods out there, one thing remains the same, the potty. We all typically start our children out with a potty of some sort. When the kids start to get the hang of it, and are able to use the potty, but aren’t quite ready for the big-kid toilet yet, this little trick will come in pretty handy. As we all know, things can get a little messy with potty training. The solution? Stick a diaper into the potty seat to easily clean up messes. You also could use puppy training pads that are cut to fit into the potty. This makes cleaning up messes one-hundred times easier!

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