Reddit Users Inadvertently Change Baby Books Forever In The Most Awesome Way

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This week a father took to Reddit to post a hilarious picture of his daughter throwing a tantrum during a family photo session. Reddit users responded in the most awesome way.

The dad, Zac Beus, posted this picture of his daughter, Abby:


(photo: Zac Beus/ Reddit)

He woke up 24 hours later to find that his daughter had become and Internet sensation. Reddit users took her image and ran with it in the most hilarious way. Here are some of the resulting images:



(photo: Reddit)



(photo: Reddit)



(photo: Reddit)



(photo: Reddit)



(photo: Reddit)

Zac told Good Morning, “I had no idea this was going to happen. But I’m saving all the pictures that are coming in and I think I’m going to make a coffee table book out of them. That’s going to be our Christmas presents for all our grandparents.”

Best. Idea. Ever. I need to brush up on my photoshop skills and make this happen. This is so much better than the baby book I had in mind.