Psychologist Blames ‘Bad Parenting’ And Being Wasted For The Cases Of Fighting At Chuck E. Cheese

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shutterstock_97743584__1375691889_74.134.205.46As many of you are aware, there have been quite a few incidents of kerfuffles breaking out in the land of sugary pizza and prize tickets, and some of you may attribute these incidents to the fact that Chuck E. Cheese may be the ninth circle of hell. Not so fast you armchair psychologists! Because a REAL doctor has determined why so many parents are losing their shizz at the land of the giant mechanical singing mouse, and it’s basically because you are just so excited to be there. And drunk. From the Daily Mail:

So what’s causing this spike in brawls? Several things, according to a Southern California-based psychologist with expertise in family and child issues.

‘The elements within the environment can stimulate aggressive, impulsive behaviors,’ Dr. Dean Leav, told HLN. Not to be underestimated, Leav said, is the indulgence of alcohol.

‘Situations that involve a group of excited people and alcohol can often lead to acts of violence. A classic example is the fights that frequently break out during baseball games,’ she said.

He goes on to say that parents today aren’t like parents from prior generations, which could explain the increase in violence at places designed for children.

‘Many of these adults are ‘wired’ or have the predisposition to respond in such a maladaptive way,’ Leav said. ‘The kids, unfortunately, learn how to be impulsive themselves by observing the adults.’


My favorite part comes from what a representative from Chuck E. Cheese said:

In 2012, 99.99% of approximately 65 million guest visits at Chuck E. Cheese’s occurred without incident and resulted in smiles,” the company said.

Hear that parents? Only a few people visited and left with a black eye or fat lip and most people left with SMILES.

I’m sorta scared that they will stop serving watery booze at Chuck E. Cheese, because being marginally tipsy is sort of the only way I can tolerate being there. I’ve never gotten in a fight with a parent there, but once I got cranky with my husband when he wouldn’t give me more money to play SkeeBall so I could win 3872828299292929 tickets to buy a small stuffed unicorn. I didn’t punch him, but I think I probably drank the rest of his fancy “wine” in retaliation.

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