I Really Wish Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Would Just Get Married Already

angelina jolie brad pittGuess what Angelina Jolie was doing last week? She spent four days meeting with victims of sexual violence at a rescue camp in the Congo. It is an admirable piece of outreach from an amazing humanitarian. Guess what all of the headlines about Angeline Jolie have been this week? Hint: They’ve had nothing to do with the Congo. It’s been focused on a simple gold band on her ring finger.

Switching from her monstrous engagement ring to a simple gold ring obviously caught the notice of paparazzi and media, who immediately began speculating that she and Brad Pitt had gotten married in a secret ceremony. It’s the same kind of story we’ve been hearing every other week for years, that they and their children flew off to an exotic location and tied the knot. Then Jolie had to set the record straight, telling photographers that her ring was not, in fact, a wedding ring.

I realize that I should be asking the media to stop jumping the gun on this whole Jolie-Pitt wedding hysteria. It would be so nice if paparazzi would calm down and stop jumping to conclusions about celebrities in general. But that’s simply not a realistic request at this point.

So I would like to make a plea to Brad and Angie. If you’re listening, which I realize is about a billion to one chance, please just get married. Or, just tell everyone you’re married and then perform the ceremony at your leisure. However you’d like to play it, please let us all move on from this constant obsession about your marital status.

Angelina Jolie was doing important and admirable work. She was bringing attention to an awful tragedy, a situation that might not get nearly as much coverage without her presence. But no one talked about it because they were so busy wondering whether or not Jolie and Pitt finally said, “I Do.”

Just get it over with, guys! For everyone’s sake.

(Photo: WENN)

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