Top 10 Celebrity Starlets To Take Over Jennifer Aniston’s Constant Tabloid Pregnancy Rumors

Mila KunisFor the second week in a row, tabloids have decided that Mila Kunis is the next celebrity pregnancy rumor. Last week it was the Daily Mail commenting on the young actress wearing lose clothing and currently dating a male capable of impregnating her. This week it’s Star that suggests the couple has a baby on the way. Both theories rest on a series of unnamed sources and fashion critiques.

I easily brushed off the rumors, because there’s about .0000000000002% chance that they’re true. But having two separate tabloids put forth the rumor two weeks in a row made me ask a very important question, “Is Mila Kunis the next Jennifer Aniston?”

We’ve outlined before the extreme and intense pregnancy rumors that follow Aniston wherever she goes. However, after more than a dozen fake “expecting” tabloid covers, these gossip rags are going to need a new woman to foist pregnancy upon month after month without absolutely zero proof. Their obsession with Aniston has already been fodder for plenty of great spoofs. It’s time for the tabloids to move on.

So who will be the next reigning queen of fake pregnancy rumors? Who will get to have every extra large handbag or loose-fitting sweater critiqued for the world to see? It might be Mila. But we’ve rounded up a few other names as well. After all, this is an important decision. Who will the American public want to waste hours of their lives on worrying about the contents of her uterus? Tell us who you nominate for the position of constantly fake-pregnant celebrity.

(All Photos via WENN)


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