Simon Cowell’s Mom Responds To Her Son’s Affair And Impending Baby In The Most ‘Mom’ Way

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shutterstock_146485472__1375536387_142.196.167.223It turns out his whole American Idol persona rings true. Simon Cowell really is a total douche, as evidenced by his affair with his best friend’s wife. Now we’ve learned that there is a baby coming out of this affair. What a mess. His mom is thrilled though, because Oh my gosh a grandbaby!

Andrew Silverman and wife Lauren have been friends with Cowell for some time – the trio has even vacationed together. Ouch. Lauren claims her marriage was already on the rocks, but news that the affair started more than a year ago has still got to hurt. Not only were the Silverman’s still married when it began, Cowell was also engaged to Mezhgan Hussainy. This soap opera is starting to make me dizzy.

Simon’s mom, Julie Cowell, when asked how she feels about his impending father hood, replied, “I’m delighted. It’s wonderful!” Of course you are. You are a mom who thought she was probably never going to get a grandchild out of that son of yours. I hate to be stereotypical, but don’t all moms eventually scream where’s my grandbaby?

My sister and I knew our mother had hopes for us marrying and having families, but she did a great job of only mentioning it from time to time. As we became older, she started mentioning it more and more. As it became evident my older sister wouldn’t be breeding, my mother shifted focus to me. In my late thirties and still not married, all that traditional get married and have a family stuff she wanted simply turned into, please give me a grandchild. Cowell’s mom is probably the same way. Most moms eventually want to become grandmothers. It will probably happen to me to.

I think it’s great Cowell’s mom is openly expressing her delight in her grandchild-to-be. Babies should always be made to feel wanted from the get go – and if this little Cowell ever looks back at all of this news coverage he (or she) will see the quote from his grandma, who in the midst of all the drama was still happy he was coming.

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