This Baby Born During Hurricane Irma Has the Perfect Name

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Babies will not stop being born for anything, not even a hurricane. As the laboring woman who was rescued from Hurricane Harvey by a human chain knows, when a baby is coming out, it is coming out. Yesterday, a Florida baby decided to be born during Hurricane Irma. Now she’s safe and healthy, and she has the perfect name.

Hurricane Irma babies

Babies being born during a hurricane is hugely inconvenient fro everyone involved, but it turns out that’s actually not an uncommon thing. Hurricanes actually make birth rates jump. Scientists aren’t sure why, but when a hurricane comes, pregnant ladies all over the area start going into labor. According to Romper, five Texas hospitals reported increased birth rates during Hurricane Harvey, and three of those hospitals said their birth rates actually doubled.

Hurricane-induced labor is why several Miami hospitals stayed open while others shut down because of the impending hurricane. Staff knew there’d be babies coming. And some studies indicate that babies born during hurricanes are more likely to have complications, so the hospitals had to be prepared.

Saturday, just before Hurricane Irma hit, Miami-Dade Police posted a photo of a newborn baby girl they’d helped get from the hospital to a safe hotel just in time. Best of all, the little girl has a perfect name: Nayiri Storm.

That kid is going to grow up to be the Mother of Dragons, isn’t she?

All hail Nayiri Storm, first of her name, Khaleesi of the Atlantic Ocean, breaker of chains, warmer of hearts.

With so many babies being born during hurricanes, there should be a swell in the number of cool baby names, or at least middle names. Cool baby names are often like mullets: Business in the front, party in the back. Middle names are pretty superfluous anyway, so we might as well have some fun with them. I will never make fun of “Hurricane” or “Stormborn” as a middle name, especially if the baby is born during a hurricane. (I cannot promise not to make fun of “Alizabeth,” though. Not even as a middle name.)

Nayiri Storm, future queen of the seven kingdoms, was safely delivered at the hospital and transported by police to her hotel before the storm came. Her whole family is hugely relieved.

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(H/T Romper, Image: Twitter/Miami-Dade Police)