Fraternities Protest Take Back The Night March By Waving Dildos, Because Someone Has To Speak For The Voiceless Rapists Of SDSU

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sdsu protestsImagine, if you will, that you are a member of a fraternity (I know, don’t worry, its not for long). Your campus is holding a Take Back The Night march, which is a statement against sexual assault. Do you a) support the marchers and/or join the march yourself because combatting sexual assault requires all of us, or b) wave dildos and throw eggs at them? If you chose a), then you are not a fraternity member at San Diego State University.

Providing us with a new example of what it means to be a terrible human being, members of two SDSU fraternities interrupted the march on Friday night by (according to Salon): “…waving sex toys in the air, shouting obscenities and throwing eggs at the protesters.” Excellent. Because it’s important for those who support sexual assault to make their voices heard, right bros?

I can’t even begin to understand what your message would be in protesting a TBTN march, besides wanting women to shut up so you can continue to rape them. There isn’t any other message you could be trying to send. And waving dildos around in the air is a hugely less-than-subtle way of trying to menace women with penises, holding them up as threats and instruments of violence.

The bros are callously mocking what is a real problem on the SDSU campus. The following night a woman reported she was sexually assaulted at an SDSU off-campus party, and hours later when a 19-year-old woman escaped six men who tried to pull her into a car. The sexual assault, by the way, was the seventh that has been reported this semester according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. This is on a campus of 30,000 students.

Fortunately, no one is brushing these recent events under the carpet. The leaders of SDSU’s Greek community announced on Tuesday that:

…they are indefinitely suspending all socializing at campus fraternities. Instead of partying, members of fraternities and sororities will undergo sexual assault prevention training.

Hell. Yes.

The school is also going to pull in graduates of the school’s ten-year-old Frat MANers course, a class that teaches fraternity members how they can prevent sexual assaults, to work with students both in fraternities and on-campus. This group has been around for a decade and is only allowed to teach a maximum of 35 student per semester, by the way. Just FYI.

The situation at SDSU comes in the wake of a highly publicized Rolling Stone story about the rape culture that exists at the University of Virginia. In the article by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, she also criticizes the way that universities across the country handle charges of sexual violence. Said the Concerned Students of San Diego State University in a statement:

“SDSU administration routinely expresses concern about sexual assaults, but the reality of campus life shows its efforts have thus far been woefully ineffective,” said a statement from Concerned Students. “We demand bold action from the administration to combat SDSU’s campus rape culture.”

Based on Tuesday’s announcement, it looks like they are now listening.

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