20 At-Home Activities That Will Keep Your Toddler Entertained

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at home activities for toddler

Image: iStock / evgenyatamanenko

Being at home with a toddler can make a day feel endless. It’s not that we don’t love our kids. It’s that little ones can bounce from activity to activity like the road runner. Keeping their attention on one thing can seem impossible. I’ve called my husband and said, “We’ve played dolls. We’ve gone to toddler hour at the library. We’ve read books and colored in the coloring books. We watched more episodes of Doc McStuffins than I’d like to admit. It’s only nine o’ clock in the morning! Come home!”

If you’ve found yourself in that same situation, here are some activities that may help keep those little hands and minds you’re in charge of busy. We all know that an occupied toddler is typically not a screaming mess making one, so we’re here to help. Some of these require some prep while others can be done with typical household items. The great part is they’re all an opportunity to sit down and play with your kiddo while he/she is learning.

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