Horrific Deja Vu: 7 Men Gang Rape Indian Woman After She Boards A Bus

shutterstock_60590959You would think the world-wide outrage in response to the brutal gang rape of a woman on a bus in New Delhi would stop would-be attackers from following in the most hated men in the world’s footsteps. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

From CNN:

In an incident eerily similar to a sexual assault that sent shock waves worldwide, Indian police say a woman was gang-raped over the weekend by seven men after she boarded a bus at night.

Police arrested six suspects, including the bus driver, after the alleged Friday night attack in Gurdaspur district in Punjab.

A manhunt for the other man was under way Sunday.

The attack occurred after the woman got on a bus. When she became the only passenger, the bus driver and his helper sped past her stop and took her to an “undisclosed address” where they were joined by five other men. They raped her throughout the night.

“They threatened me with a sharp edged weapon and did wrong things with me,” the victim told CNN’s sister station, CNN-IBN. “They kept me confined all through the night and forced me to do what they want.”

The suspects dropped her off at her village the next day. She immediately informed her family and police.

The suspected rapists in the disturbingly similar New Delhi case have already been fast-tracked to trial. Many believe they will get the death penalty for their heinous crimes. Apparently even the public outrage and speedy trial aren’t enough to change the deep-rooted problem of our world-wide rape culture. If consequences won’t stop these attackers – what will? It doesn’t really help that the lawyer in the New Delhi case is using the tried and true argument that a “respected lady” doesn’t get raped. I wonder if this woman will have to face the same type of victim-blaming bullshit because she dared to get on a bus alone at night.

If a unified, angry world demanding justice can’t change the circumstances for women facing violence every day – what can? I don’t have an answer to that – I just hope these men will be treated to the same swift justice.

(photo: Jan S./ Shutterstock.com)

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