Mariah Carey Closes Disneyland So She Can Dress Like Cinderella And Renew Her Vows

shutterstock_81770842__1367670156_142.196.167.223I’ve never understood having a wedding at Disneyland because Mickey Mouse just doesn’t scream romance – but apparently Cinderella does. Mariah Carey thinks so anyway. She dressed up like her to once again renew her vows to husband Nick Cannon. Clearly the couple had to close down the amusement park to do it because no one wants the paparazzi following them around on their fifth wedding anniversary.

Is it just me, or is it weird when people do romantic stuff at Disneyland? It’s probably just me – but once a friend showed me pictures of her sister getting engaged in front of the Matterhorn and I just thought, Why? Why would anyone want to get engaged in front of a fake mountain with a fake abominable snowman inside it? To each her own.

Mariah and Nick have been renewing their vows every year since they were married. This makes the fifth full-blown ceremony that they have had. It is quite a feat to get through five years of marriage, so why not spend a fortune closing down a major theme park and dressing like cartoon royalty? From the Huffington Post:

Carey and daughter Monroe got ready for the ceremony at the Dream Suite, an exclusive hotel room located above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Wearing princess-inspired gowns, Carey (dressed as Cinderella) and Monroe rode in a Cinderella-style horse-drawn carriage to Main Street, where Cannon and son Moroccan were waiting (both were dressed in Prince Charming costumes).

Cannon walked Carey and the twins down the aisle to the front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, which was the backdrop of the ceremony. Cinderella’s Royal Footman officiated the ceremony (attended by 250 guests), which concluded with a fireworks display.

Being a celebrity is amazing. We can barely afford the tickets to Disneyland. Can you imagine how much it costs to shut Disneyland down for the day? Holy crap. I bet Carey and Cannon’s adorable twins loved it though. Who wouldn’t want their parents to be Cinderella and Prince Charming?

I can’t wait to see what they do next year. I wonder if you can rent out Times Square?

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