Amazon Is Selling a Pro-Anorexia Hoodie That Is Completely Disgusting

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Do you want people to shout, “Hey, fuck you!” whenever you walk down the street? Well, Amazon has the sweatshirt for you. A vendor on the site is selling a pro-anorexia hoodie that says “Anorexia: Like Bulimia, except with self control” It is disgusting and gross and guaranteed to lose you some friends.

Amazon reviews indicate the shirt has been for sale since at least 2015, because that’s when people started leaving one-star reviews about how tasteless and crass it is. Now it’s getting attention again, and people are pretty upset.

The anorexia hoodie is an effective way of letting people know you’re an asshole

It’s also inaccurate. Anorexia is not “self control,” it’s a mental illness that compels people towards extreme calorie restriction. It kills people.

“Jokes about eating disorders are dangerous and cliché,” said Claire Mysko, CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, in a statement. “This hoodie propagates the myth that eating disorders are trivial and mere issues of willpower or self-control. Stereotypes like this result in increased stigma and are barriers that prevent people from seeking help. Anorexia is not a ‘lifestyle choice,’ it is a mental health disorder with socio-biological influences. We ask that Amazon stand with those affected by these deadly illnesses and remove the sweatshirt from their store.”

The vast majority of the shirt’s reviews are awful. Right now the sweatshirt has 158 one-star reviews saying it’s disgusting and harmful.

There are, of course, some people supporting the shirt. While Amazon lists no positive reviews from people known to have purchased it, there are about 16 positive reviews from people who say they gave it a five-star review because they support “free speech.” Mostly, though, people hate this.

Millions of people suffer from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. So many people with bulimia already think they’re not doing enough, or that they lack willpower. the message of this stupid shirt is so damaging.

The anorexia hoodie is still available for sale on Amazon. As Bustle points out, Amazon has occasionally removed products for being offensive. In 2013 it removed a “Keep Calm and Rape a Lot” T-shirt after several hours of angry comments. The anorexia hoodie has been around for years, though, and Amazon never saw fit to remove it before.

What do you think of this horrible sweatshirt? Let us know in the comments.

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