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Childfree Or Not, You Will Waste Hours On This Baby Face Generator

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shutterstock_170033009Didn’t you always wonder what your future babies would look like as you wrote your boyfriend’s name in bubble letters in your spiral notebook? Well, it isn’t the 90s anymore, and technology has arrived.

When I was pregnant, I stumbled upon a few ridiculous baby face generator websites. My God, forget sonograms and looking at your actual blurry alien baby in the womb. That is for chumps. The baby face generator is totally addicting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You upload a picture of your face.
  2. You upload a picture of your partner’s (or any other random celebrity) face.
  3. Technology merges these faces to make a baby face.
  4. Hilarity ensues.

What I love most about the baby face generator is that it is so terribly inaccurate. All of my babies came out looking like either a troll or a leprechaun. I found these babies so frightening that I started to use them as engagement and wedding gifts.

Hear me out—a friend of mine was getting married, and I was about to ship her wedding gift. But the gift wouldn’t be complete without a creepy future baby’s face, would it? I scraped her and her fiancé’s faces off Facebook to generate the perfect troll leprechaun baby (complete with a hat!). She told me that she was legitimately frightened when she opened her wedding card and the horrific baby picture fell out. Mission accomplished.

Here is a picture of what me and my husband’s fake baby would look like:


Here is a picture of our actual babies:


You be the judge. I’m probably going to spend hours on this stupid website even though I already had two kids of my own and don’t plan on anymore. Please frighten me with pictures of your creepy troll babies in the comments section. I think we can all agree that they have a “face only a mother could love.”

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