Lolita Maternity Dress Lets Gothic Lolitas Look Cute While Pregnant

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Just because a person is pregnant doesn’t mean she should have to give up her personal style. For some people, that means buying high-end designer maternity clothes. For others, it means shopping for non-maternity clothes that can still accommodate a pregnant body. Maternity style is a little more difficult for niche fashion devotees, however. That’s why a Japanese fashion company is expanding into Lolita maternity wear, for lovers of Lolita fashion who want to continue looking like a little Victorian doll even while pregnant.

Lolita style is a Japanese fashion subculture inspired by Victorian children’s clothing, Rococo aesthetics, and sometimes a heavy dose of goth. Think Little Bo Peep, or maybe a goth Samantha doll. (There are variations within Lolita, so some wearers are deeply goth, while others stick to pastels and look unironically like those porcelain dolls that are too fancy to play with.)

The style started in the 90s, and that means a lot of Lolitas are actually mom-aged now. And if you’ve been dressing like Miss Mary Muffet since you were 15 years old, you wouldn’t want to have to switch to maternity jeans and sensible button-down shirts just because you were expecting a baby.

At least, that’s the thought behind the new Lolita Maternity Dress from Japanese fashion brand Mocolle.

lolita maternity dress

Image: Mocolle

Right now there’s just one dress style, and it comes in navy blue, lilac, and off-white. It has a Peter Pan collar, lace trim, and detachable sleeves. It even has functional pockets. (Pockets!)

The Lolita Maternity Dress is surprisingly functional

The dress is designed for functionality, too. A woman can wear it during and after pregnancy. It buttons up the front to allow easy access for breast feeding. And the dress can be worn in all its billowy glory during the third trimester, then tied up with a sash after the baby’s out.

The dress buttons all the way up the front, so after a Lolita gets back into her regular Lolita clothes, she can wear this as a type of loose, lacy smock coat over a regular Lolita dress.

lolita maternity dress

Image: Mocolle

Clearly this style is not everybody’s cup of tea.

But different things appeal to different people. My personal prize possession is an embroidered collar with no shirt attached that makes me look like I’m being felt up by a gold tree with hands. When my sister was pregnant, a friend told her the only thing she really had to buy was a specific pair of $600 gold snakeskin maternity leggings.

The line is being crowdfunded and the dress starts at $215, which is actually pretty inexpensive for Lolita dresses. (This is not an inexpensive lifestyle.) The Lolita Maternity Dress crowdfunding campaign already has 72,000 yen, or about $637. That’s a long way from its goal. But the campaign just started and there’s more than a month till it’s over, so there’s plenty of time for a bunch of family-planning Lolitas to bid.

What do you think of the Lolita maternity dress? Let us know in the comments.

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(H/T Sora News 24, Image: Mocolle)