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Amazon Prime Now Adds Wine to Their Delivery Service

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My love for Amazon runs deep. I’ve been a Prime member for longer than I can remember. If I see something in a store, I check Amazon before buying it (and then usually buy it on Amazon). I’ve used Amazon Fresh, and if I’m in the city at my sister’s house, I’ll order from Amazon Prime Now just because. I’m not much of a Whole Foods person, mainly because we don’t have one nearby, but I will WRECK their hot food and salad bar. But I’ve followed the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon pretty closely.

Because even if I don’t shop at WF, I figured I would be able to reap the benefits on Amazon in some way.

AND NOW THE REAPING BEGINS! Amazon announced that their Prime Now service will now deliver wine, right to your door, in under an hour. We’ve reached the top, folks.

Amazon Prime Now wants us to never leave our homes. OK!

In case you’re not familiar with the Amazon Prime Now service, here’s how it works: you can buy anything from household items to groceries to electronics, and have it delivered to your door within your selected time frame. Local couriers then collect the items, and voila! Toilet paper on your doorstep right as you run out. You can also place restaurant orders, which are filled and delivered within an hour. Two hour delivery is free, and one hour delivery in select cities is $7.99. So like, a GrubHub delivery charge, basically.

Me, every time the doorbell rings and I know something from Amazon has arrived.

Now, there is a catch, because there’s always a catch. Amazon Prime Now isn’t available in all cities and markets (although they’re rapidly expanding). Currently, the restaurant delivery is available in about 25 major cities. And the new wine delivery is being rolled out slowly, in the following 12 cities: Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus (OH), L.A., Minneapolis, NYC, Phoenix, Portland (OR), Richmond (VA), San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle. But given how many changes they’re already making since buying Whole Foods, it’s safe to say the service will expand soon.

If you live in one of the cities listed above, consider yourself lucky! Is there anything worse than working or taking care of the kids all day, cleaning the house, starting dinner, and then going to open a bottle of wine that isn’t there?! Amazon Prime Now is here to save the day and your sanity. Sometimes you just need to unwind after a long day, and pretty soon, it’ll be easier than ever. Clink!

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