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All These Cute Baby Videos On YouTube Make My Uterus Ache

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I am done having children. I swear. But when I see something like this video featuring adorable 11 month old twins, my uterus almost explodes with baby want.
[youtube_iframe id=”to7uIG8KYhg”]

I love the look the twin on the left gives her sister right when dad, YouTube user ” Brovadere starts playing. D’awwww. Ridiculous cute.

But you You Tube video up loaders, you need to stop uploading videos featuring your adorable offspring because all it does it make me WANT another baby, and I’m at the age where that ship has pretty much sailed. I know a lot of women older than me with newborns, my lovely sister-in-law just gave birth to a new baby girl, and she is forty-five. I love babies, but all it takes are a few early morning texts from her telling me she hasn’t slept in days and she is considering auditioning as an extra for the next season of The Walking Dead for me to remember how much work a newborn is. The sleepless nights, the endless diapers, the cracked and sore nipples that make you wish your breasts were removable so someone else could take care of the nursing for a few days.But these amazingly adorable 11 month old twins!

There have to be other parents out there who feel the same way I do. Are you thrilled with the family and kids you have created and does your heart lurch into your stomach when you see a particularly adorable baby either on the internet or in person? Or are you content with your decision to be done breeding? For the most part, I am happy with my decision but when I see something like this, I get all weepy with want.

I know my husband is done. He has told me this many times. He reminds me that we have amazing kids, who will one day have amazing college tuitions to pay for. And he is right. But when someone I know gets pregnant or gives birth, I still feel this creepy jealous ache. I miss my kids being tiny. I miss the way they used to smell. I miss the 3 a.m feedings when me and the newborn I held in my arms were the only people on earth, watching their tiny fists clench and unclench when the world was quiet and dark. I miss rocking them to sleep. I miss the tiny little pretend smiles that would crawl across their faces when they were dreaming.

I need to stop watching cute baby videos on You Tube, even though the above video of these 11 month old twins made me smile so hard my face hurt. I’m going to go back to watching cute puppy videos. Even though I love babies and my heart aches on occasion with wanting one, I know having another one isn’t the right thing for my family. A puppy, on the other hand, I may one day be able to welcome into my home. Be prepared for numerous You Tube uploads.

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