Mothers, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Stalkers

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I somehow ended up at the part of the internet where extremely sad ex-boyfriends compile video tributes to ex-girlfriends in an attempt to win them back. In this case, YouTube user Charlesddt1 is putting his heart on the line for “Megan,” a girl who seems very lucky to have escaped from him.

The video features the music wonderworkings of Levert.Sweat.Gill and their subtle “My Body.” Sample lyric? “My body all over your body all over my body all over your body … girl.” We get cute clips of Megan, who has great dance moves, winning smile, and “cute outfits.” Toward the end, the stalker ex-boyfriend announces his favorite part of Megan is “her body” and then zooms in on his favorite parts.

As you can see below, I don’t think the video’s going to work.


Until I had kids, I never thought about the fact that weirdos such as Charlesddt1 and ex-girlfriends such as Megan have parents. And now that I do have kids, I can’t see something like this without thinking about how to raise boys who would never humiliate themselves and their exes through such crass YouTube projects. And I also think about how to help my daughters make sounder judgment than to end up with dudes who would do something like this. And vice versa.

Also, thank God that I grew up, dated, partied, and the like prior to digital photography and the speed of the internet. I’m pretty sure I’d be in jail right now, otherwise.

Kids: think before you post to YouTube. And Megan, ix-nay on the ex-boyfriend-ay.