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The Best Poetic Responses From The Mommyish Community About Parenting

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Yesterday we received an epic posting from one of our readers about about a baby shower that resulted in the mom-to-be sending out some amazingly greedy poetry responses to some of the gifts she received. Some readers say that this whole thing was a fake, and that no poem was actually sent. Because working for a parenting website means I have pretty much seen all sorts of bad behavior when it comes to gift giving and etiquette, if this was a real thing it would not shock me. Regardless, you readers came up with some pretty epic poetry responses of your own that can be used in all sorts of occasions, and here are some examples. Forgive me if I missed anyone, but all of the poems were amazing. I cried I laughed so hard.

Baby Showers 

From gothicgaelicgirl: 

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From Tim:

Entitlement much it’s easy to see
You ask that I sign over my hard earned cash
You can look high

And you can look low
But all you’ll find
Not even a shiny penny will show,

Registered at these stores are you
Sue me if you like tell your Family too
An Acquaintance am I

None of the lines of the poem you wrote are to my liking
You say Babies need a lot of things
But did you also know
Thats the job of the donor of Sperm and the layer of Egg
If loot was a plenty as you saw and greedily say
Then why wasn’t it enough
Please have more of your say…

From Musiclee



From Angela:

Babies need a lot
Of this fact we all know
And as they get older
Their needs will just grow
Babies need diapers
and bottles, oh yes
But the most important thing
(Can you guess?)
Is a parent to teach
And to give them advice
To make sure they know
What is good, right, and nice
And since it appears
That your baby is lacking
I’ve decided to help
And make up for your slacking
This book will teach manners
And etiquette too
In short, there is hope
He’ll be nothing like you

from staferny:


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