The Big Bird Romney Attack Ad Is An Infuriating Waste Of Money

big bird romneyObama has my vote.  There is really nothing that could happen that would change that.  But the Big Bird Romney attack ad was infuriating waste of time and money.  I am terrified that undecided voters will lean toward Mitt Romney.  And I want my President to take this election seriously.

Romney’s focus on cutting funds to PBS is absolutely ridiculous.  We definitely aren’t going to balance the budget cutting the pennies that public broadcasting gets.  The cuts Romney has promised to make to other programs – like Medicaid – would be devastating to many more Americans.  I really don’t think people understand how much alleged ”entitlement” programs do for so many in this country.  Can we stop poking fun at a would-be President, and focus on that for a minute?

When I became pregnant with my son, I was covered by an insurance plan that I had purchased when I moved to New York.  For roughly $300 a month, I got a discount plan on doctors, and partial hospital coverage.  The plan basically resulted in my paying $300 a month to be billed for about 45% of any medical procedure I needed.  It was not great but it was the only thing I could afford, and I didn’t want to be without insurance.

The birthing center I decided to use didn’t take this insurance.  The midwives recommended I apply for the Prenatal Care Assistance Program.  This is basically Medicaid for pregnant women.  It is easier to be eligible when you are pregnant, because the income restrictions are much looser.

You can never really predict how a pregnancy is going to go.  My child ended up in distress at 41 weeks, and I had to have an emergency C section.  This required major surgery, a four-day hospital stay, a variety of drugs, and a plethora of doctors on the clock.  Had I not applied for PCAP and stuck to the flimsy coverage I had, this would have bankrupted me and put my newly growing family on very shaky financial ground.

I am terrified for the women who may not be entitled to benefit from these programs if Romney is elected.  I am terrified for the children who will have a harder time getting insurance coverage.  Not to mention the complete horror I feel when I think about what will happen to a woman’s right to control what happens in her body.  The thought of that keeps me up at night scared that the young women of America will have to go back to that dangerous time before Roe v Wade was passed.

Mr. President, I stood in line for three hours to vote for you in 2008, and I am prepared to do it again.  I love Big Bird, I have a sense of humor, and I get where you’re coming from Romney is ridiculous.  But please don’t make a joke about the desperate need that a lot of us have to believe that there is hope.  What is on the line for many of us just isn’t funny.

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