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19 Kids And Counting: Meet Anna’s Sister Priscilla And Her Crazy Eyes

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The next day, the whole crew heads to downtown Chicago in the Duggar’s giant RV. That seems like a recipe for a sensible trip in an urban area with four small children in tow, right? Easy to park, easy to drive. Of course, the wifeys have no say so they just buckle up the kids and keep their lips zipped. Way to know your role, ladies.

They arrive at Willis Tower, which is apparently the tallest tower in Chicago, or maybe the world. I don’t know because I was too distracted by my worry for poor Anna. She says heights are one of her greatest fears but of course, the head of the family wants to go so she has no choice. She holds up admirably but as a fellow hater of heights, my heart was pounding for her the whole time.

Once they are done staring down from the top of the tower, they are treated to a private Chicago deep-dish pizza making session. Duggar privilege at it’s finest. I want to go around the country posing as a Duggar so I can do some cool shit. Josh only eats one slice of his and says he’s full and I practically fall off my couch from shock. Way to let me down, Paunch.

The ladies go shopping for Priscilla’s new baby girl and oh my stars, they leave the MENFOLK with all four kids! Time for hi-jinks! They have to go to the hardware store and take the kids with them. I’m sure this was a plot point “suggested” by TLC although I must admit, Josh has a very easy way about him when he is alone with the kids. He may be all sorts of douchey but he is a good dad. David does not seem nearly as comfortable.

My suspicions about David being a little shaky are confirmed when we cut from Anna and Priscilla’s shopping trip back to the hardware store and David’s toddler son has escaped out the door. In the interview segment with his wife, he recounts the tale and she asks “Was anyone with him?” and David chuckles and says “Uhh…God was with him!” And then I died laughing and missed the next two minutes of dialogue, so forgive me. I did catch Priscilla with a look on her face that said “if I weren’t so servile, I would cut your balls off for almost losing my kid”. Good for you, P. I don’t have to lose all hope for you just yet.

Back to the baby shopping (at the consignment store, naturally) and Anna is looking kinda pregnant. I think I even caught her rubbing her belly. Ugh, I have a pit in my own belly- I SO want her to remain Not Pregnant. They get to the register and have spent $174.92 on baby clothes. They crow about “buy used and save the difference” but it’s only one bag of clothes so I am not impressed. I think I will stick to “buy new and save jackshit” because I am incredibly lazy. I would be a bad fundamentalist Christian wife, methinks.

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