10 Of The Crappiest Pins You’ll Ever Pin On Pinterest

I have such a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Yes, I am a user, and I know there’s probably a support group that can help with that.

I love Pinterest because the pictures are so beautiful and addicting. I normally pin all of the food that I think I will eat and end up using a bunch of really easy recipes to keep my kids from gnawing off their arms before dinner. So, Pinterest is useful for me because it’s like an interactive recipe book.

But the dark side of Pinterest””as with any form of social media””is the competition. I can’t knock Pinterest because I really like using it, but I also see tons of ridiculous supermom crafts that I know I’ll never be able to achieve. I’m not crafty at all, so the extent of my creative nurturing will be to hand my kid a glue stick and make sure he doesn’t eat it.

Pinterest #momlife is nursery decor, elaborate meals made with organic kale, hand crocheted baby booties, and annoying e-cards that make you “LOL.” I put together a complete Pinterest list of the worst crap you’ll ever see so you don’t have to worry about looking for it on your own.

From me to you:

1. Amateur Baby Photography Ideas


Because every Pinterest mom is an amateur baby photographer that perfectly captures her baby gazing into a mirror pointed at the sky.

2. Crazy Nail Art


Don’t do your nails the normal way, do them the Pinterest way.

3. Healthy Kale Chips


You are a fucking asshole if you don’t make your kid healthy kale chips.

4. Farmer’s Market Veggies


Pinning this farmer’s market pic means that you will eventually go there, duh.

5. Creative Cleaning Hacks


If you’re not removing stubborn rust stains with lemon juice, you’re doing it wrong.

6. Edgy Personal Style


I know this is your personal style because it was pinned on the “My Style” board. (Note: I really do like this T-shirt dress. #jelly.)

7. Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas


Don’t judge me, but I did make this cupcake bouquet for a party, and it rocked.

8. Mom-Friendly DIY Projects


These 31 DIY projects should keep you busy all month long, no?

9. Holiday Upgrades


Turn stupid green silverware into a carrot for Easter! Why didn’t I think of that”¦

10. Inspirational Quotes


Glaringly obvious inspirational quotes are strangely comforting to me.

(Image: Pinterest)

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