15 Hilarious Mother’s Day Cards for Your Foul-Mouthed Mom

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect card for your mama. Or for yourself, which you will sign to yourself, “from” your kids. Because let’s be honest, that’s usually what ends up happening, right? Stores are filled with sappy cards for this very special occasion, but some moms just aren’t the sappy type! Some moms drop f-bombs like they’re going out of style, and those moms need a card that suits their personality. Whether you’re looking for your own mom, for yourself, or for your foul-mouthed mom friends, these 20 Mother’s Day cards for the mom with an overflowing swear jar are perfect.

Mother’s Day cards don’t have to tug at the heartstrings. Sometimes, the best card says exactly what you need it to say with a few 4-letter words.

mother's day cards

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This card from Amazon puts into words what every mom has muttered under her breath at least once in her life. 

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