10 Photos of Parents Drinking With Babies On St. Patrick’s Day

bar3-533x288The first rule of thumb for becoming a parent: Having a kid should never cramp your style, especially when it comes to drinking.

I really love being a parent. But I have to confess that when certain holidays roll around””such as my all-time favorite drinking holiday, St. Patrick’s Day””I get a little nostalgic for the good ole days when I was footloose and fancy-free and could start drinking at 8 AM. Or earlier, depending on the year.

I have always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day really hard because it is one of the few acceptable holidays where you can start drinking in the morning. Green beer for breakfast, followed by a shot of Bailey’s, followed by a ridiculous parade, followed by corned beef and hash at a local bar. Sign me up!

This St. Paddy’s Day, I have two kids. While I am not crying woe as a #mommymartyr, I am finding more creative ways to celebrate. This year, I may get all fancy and dye my toddler’s cereal milk green. That will pair perfectly with my green beer and shamrock shot necklace and leprechaun hat and suspenders and”¦ You get the picture.

I am not the only parent that still loves celebrating drinky holidays after having a child. Why waste money on a babysitter when your kid can double as a pint-sized drinking companion?

The good, the bad, and the ugly:

1. Ingenious Moby Wrap/Straitjacket For A Long Night Of Drinking Ahead.


2. When In Ireland”¦


3. Hilarious Facebook Photo Op And CPS Call Rolled Into One.

bar34. Like Father, Like Daughter.

bar45. Baby Bar Hopping: Start ‘Em Young.

bar56. Carefully Staged Baby On A Bender.

bar67. A Natural Teething Remedy?


8. Super Popular Drunk Baby Meme #1.

bar89. Super Popular Drunk Baby Meme #2.

bar910. Super Popular Drunk Baby Meme #3.


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