If Your House Isn’t Creepy Enough, Might I Suggest a Doll Head Planter?

Have you ever looked around at your interior decor and thought, “You know, my house just isn’t creepy enough!”? Or maybe you have a garden outside, and it’s boring and plain and needs some horror to jazz it up! Well, then you’re in luck. The newest and weirdest decor trend is right up your alley. Why use a regular old planter when you can have a whole collection of doll head planters? Turn your yard into the stuff of nightmares and guarantee yours is the home the neighbor kids whisper about with a little elbow grease and imagination.

Doll head planters are an excellent way to re-purpose old dolls, and make little kids cry when they ride their bikes by your house. It’s a win-win, really.


If you have kids, then you probably have a whole bin of gross, dirty dolls with ratted hair and missing limbs. Don’t throw them out! Remove the heads and turn them into amazingly weird planters for your home and garden. Nothing says, “I am a normal and functioning human being” like a bunch of random doll heads filled with succulents on your porch. Bonus: they’ll probably scare away solicitors!


Doll head planters are pretty easy to make. And you can use any doll head, big or small. The DIY Network even has a handy tutorial for making your very own! They claim they’re good for Halloween, but we say year-round works even better.


The realistic baby faces are my favorite, I think.


No sense letting the doll body go to waste! If it fits, it sits.


LOL, that one is amazing. The plant coming out of the eye-hole is a really nice touch.


I feel like Ariel would be super into this, what with her penchant for reusing random items in new and inventive ways.

I’m currently going through our collection of dolls that have seen better days and setting aside the ones I want to turn into planters. I can’t to surprise my kids! And by surprise, I mean scare. They’re totally going to cry.

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