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8 Unexpected Benefits Of Working Out At Home When The Kids Are Around

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3. You get to show them exercise is for everyone, even imperfect people.


So often we’re bombarded by images of perfect, super toned bodies. The fitness world can feel pretty exclusionary when we imagine a gym full of oiled up six packs and Photoshopped bikini bodies. Regardless of your body shape, it’s good for your kids to see you working out and maintaining a healthy body. You’re “normal” to them and that shows them that exercise is for everyone, including them.

4. You get to model a healthy lifestyle for your little ones.


They’ll learn from watching you that a healthy life is about balance: they don’t have to work out until they puke or go on extreme diets to feel good about themselves, but moving your booty every day and striving to be your best self is still important. 

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